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Female viagra – Ladygra reviews

Female Viagra – Ladygra 100 mg – Erectile dysfunction is thought as a men’s issue only, though women also suffer from ED problems. There are tens of ED products to treat men’s erectile dysfunction, but there are not many medications available to treat women’s issues.

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Lovegra and Ladygra are the solutions available today, to treat erectile dysfunction in women. Because of hormonal changes most women may experience issues with erection in age around 40s. Lovegra or Ladygra are the answers to this issue. Lovegra is a PDE-5 medication family member.

About the potency pill for women

Female Viagra – Ladygra 100 mg

On internet in many forums much is reported about the potency pill for women. Lovegra is supposed to help women having a satisfying sex life. Lovegra contains 100 mg Sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient. On the Internet, there are a number of articles on these potencies, which are reported to be successful studies, but these studies do not meet scientific guidelines nor can they demonstrate a representative number of subjects. Recent studies claim that Sildenafil promotes blood circulation and makes the vagina more sensitive and the vaginal moisture increases, giving the woman a more intense sexual experience.

Treatment of vaginal dryness and libido-overload

Some women are suffering from vaginal dryness and may have problems as well as pain during sex. Before starting any treatment for dryness and pain, you should consult your doctor and find reasons for the disorders. In many women, this occurs frequently in the menopause. In this part of life, the ovaries produce less and less estrogen. The hormone level drops and can lead to symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, mood swings, pelvic infections, and also drowsiness, which can cause the sex trafficking to be unpleasant and painful. In such cases a hormone replacement therapy is recommended. In addition, even for women who are not in the menopause, special means for the intimate care, as well as special lubricants are suitable.

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Libidoverloss in women can often also be a side effect of a hormonal contraceptive. Inquire about other forms of hormonal contraception. Possibly another combination of substances would be more suitable for you. offers a wide range of antibiotics and other contraceptives.

Order medication on offers only original medicines supplied by manufacture’s direct representatives. In the case of prescription medications, you can request not only the medication but also a medical consultation on this website, in which, after a careful medical history and examination of the complaints, a prescription for the respective medicinal product is issued upon approval of the physician. You will then receive the drug delivered directly home.
We attach great importance to the opinion of independent doctors with whom we work together. Due to inadequate studies on Viagra in women, therefore, orders of Viagra or Sildenafil for women are not allowed. Please accept this for your health.


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