Vip Customer

Please be informed that each and every customer who orders for our quality products and services according to our terms and conditions is a VIP customer. We have a list of black listed customer, but not a separate VIP customer list, as we treat you as a VIP customer if you have not been marked as blacklisted.

To maintain our top service quality, we treat every customer as a VIP and every order as a special order, either the order total is £ 10 or £ 1000.

To keep being our VIP customer, just follow these simple rules:

* Agree to our Terms & Conditions

* Do NOT place any trash order(s)

* If accidentally a trash order has been placed, please cancel it asap and avoid further trash order(s)

* Make your payment asap exactly as we have instructed

* Before seeking for help/assistance, please read and understand the information already sent to you via email and SMS and act accordingly

Thank you for making good deals with us!